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ED Recovery and life blog

Documenting my recovery from Anorexia: how I'm dealing with all the challenges it brings, and celebrating the life it allows me to live.

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I'm gaining my life back

I’m at my highest weight in 18 months. I’m also at my happiest. They always say “no one ever regrets recovering”, but I never thought that..

Self-Care in recovery: Reasons to recover

This week I got a haircut. You may be wondering why as a recovery blogger I’m telling you about my haircut, but it was significant for...

Recovery Instagram... we need to do better

Today I wanted to talk about the Eating Disorder community on Instagram to share my experiences and open up a discussion about what is...

Don't wait to recover

For this week's post I wanted to write about guilt and had planned to discuss this in the context of eating, however on reflection I have a

Body Checking

Today I wanted to talk about body checking, and in particular how and why I am working to reduce this behaviour. Body checking can take...

Perfectionist attitudes surrounding food

In today's post I wanted to talk about perfectionism, and in particular the way in which we can apply these standards to our food. This...

Adjusting to life out of lockdown

At the beginning of Lockdown I wrote a couple of pieces discussing my fears surrounding the situation as well as some tips on how to keep...

Are my Recovery Challenges valid?

Today I want to talk some more about what real, active recovery looks like as recently I have been reflecting on where I am in my recovery..

University with an Eating Disorder

Today I wanted to share my experience of moving away to university whilst battling an Eating Disorder. Before I start I want to disclaim...

Recovering in a disordered society

Hey everyone, Today I wanted to talk about the challenges of trying to recover in a disordered society. I want to explore how we can...

Cook with me - Creamy, Cheesy Pasta

Hey everyone, As you guys seemed to like my "Bake with me", I thought that today I would do something similar, but this time a "Cook with..

Stopping Calorie Counting

Today I wanted to talk about calorie counting, and explain why it was necessary for me to stop this behaviour in my recovery, and how I...

The role of structure in recovery

Hey everyone, Today I wanted to have a look at how the importance of timings and structure has shifted throughout my recovery. This is...

Bake with me - Carrot Cake Muffins

Bit of a different post today, but since being in lockdown, and especially since living with my girlfriend, I have been doing lots more...

Am I in partial recovery?

The other day I read a post by Jennifer Rollin, discussing the signs of partial recovery, and despite my belief that I'm in active...

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