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ED Recovery and life blog

Documenting my recovery from Anorexia: how I'm dealing with all the challenges it brings, and celebrating the life it allows me to live.

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Recovery doesn't need to be complicated

Something I've been thinking about a lot recently, is how we have a tendency to over complicate things in recovery. I've been feeling...

'All or Nothing' thinking

In today's post I wanted to look at 'All or Nothing' thinking: how it is intertwined with our ED's, and how we can overcome it in recovery..

I tried 5 different Recovery Apps

As I've mentioned previously over on my Instagram @the_recovery_bean, I am working on setting up a community ED project, and so as part of..

Stop trying to recover on your 'Safe foods'

Today I wanted to look at the necessity of eating your fear foods in recovery, and why we will never be able to truly get better by...

Picking yourself up from a down day

Today is one of those days that's just a bit rubbish. I didn't sleep well - the night sweats were horrid, I woke up feeling bloated and...

Feel the fear and do it anyway

think the first thing we need to remember when applying this methodology, is what fear represents. It's no good telling you to feel this...

Why we should aim for OVERSHOOT in recovery

Today I wanted to discuss "overshoot", and moreover, why we need to stop treating it like it's something to fear, when it's something we...

How FEAR manifests as ANGER

Fear is something we talk about a lot in recovery. We have "fear foods", fear of change, of weight gain, of comparison... fear of not...

Not becoming complacent in Recovery

I guess this comes as kind of a follow up to my post on Extreme Hunger, as having experienced it really intensely this last week, I have...

Am I really scared of weight gain?

This is going to be more of a personal one for me I think, as over the last few days I have been thinking a lot about my relationship with..

All hunger is valid

omething I have been facing a lot recently is the question, "Am I still hungry?". After every meal and snack I find myself questioning...

Identify, Challenge, REPEAT

How I use the "Identify, Challenge, REPEAT" method to help me face my fear foods, and overcome disordered behaviours in recovery

Not letting your ED creep back in

Thoughts on how "We can't allow ourselves to make even the tiniest restrictions as they are what keep the door open for our ED to creep in."

The life I want to live (<3)

I thought it might be fun to share some of my reasons for recovery, in the hope they might inspire you to come up with a list of your own!

Fears during Lockdown - CV19

Discussing some fears we’re facing whilst trying recover during Lockdown. Hopefully providing some reassurance that you’re not alone!

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