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ED Recovery and life blog

Documenting my recovery from Anorexia: how I'm dealing with all the challenges it brings, and celebrating the life it allows me to live.

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Keeping up recovery in the warm weather

Hey everyone, Here in the UK, Summer has finally arrived, and it’s got me thinking about seasonal changes in our eating habits and how...

How to exercise after recovery

Hey everyone, Today I wanted to hop on and talk a bit about exercise in Eating Disorder Recovery. Every person's relationship with...

Your body is not problem

Repeat after me: “My body is not the problem.” Your body isn’t the problem and it never has been. Diet culture may have convinced you...

Making peace with feeling full

Hey everyone, Today I wanted to talk a bit about feeling full! Fullness is a sensation which your Eating Disorder may fear due to the...

How Baking helped my Eating Disorder Recovery

Over the last few weeks I have really started to enjoy baking and as a result, I have been in the kitchen lots! My relationship with baking

Reactive Hunger in eating Disorder Recovery

Hey everyone, Today I wanted to talk a bit about Reactive Hunger in Eating Disorder recovery. Reactive hunger is when an individual...

Combating Comparison

Hey everyone, Today I wanted to talk about comparison, both in Eating Disorder recovery and society in general. It is something that...

Why we're ditching diets in 2021

Hey everyone, I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog over the last few weeks as I took some time out to celebrate Christmas and the New Year...

Dear 18 year old Mais

Dear 18 year old Mais, One day it will feel okay again. You’ll be sitting in another city with your best friend in the world and it will...

Am I worthy of help?

Today I wanted to hop on and talk about the lag between mental and physical recovery, but in trying to write this post I've found that my...

Hidden Fear Foods

Today I wanted to talk about ‘hidden fear foods’ in eating disorder recovery and how to identify and challenge them. First things first...

Living alone in Recovery

The other week I spent a few days living alone as my parents were on holiday and my girlfriend was at University. This meant that for the...

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